Get professional roof repair service by calling Nailed It Construction in Cornelius & Lake Norman, NC

When You Have an Insurance Claim

After a night of strong winds and hail, you walk outside to access the damage. The dents on your roof are immediately apparent. Nailed It Construction offers a storm damage repair service in Cornelius & Lake Norman, NC. We'll guide you through the insurance claim process.
Our roof repair service works directly with the insurance company so that you don't have to worry about anything. Contact us at 704-980-2500 to schedule our roof repair services today.

We'll make sure everything goes well

We'll make sure everything goes well

It's important to maintain good communication with the insurance adjuster throughout the repair process. Poor communication could lead to:

  • Delayed completion
  • Excessive costs
  • Incomplete repairs

We'll make sure that your repair process runs smoothly. You can even count on us to perform repairs alongside restoration companies. Call now to learn more about our storm damage repair services in Cornelius & Lake Norman, NC.